Racial Non-Discriminatory Policy

BCE Christian Academy students, staff, and volunteers will follow this racial non-discrimination policy: Students and employees of all race, color, gender, and ethnic origin are entitled to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities provided by the school. In addition, Butler County Educational Christian Academy will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational or athletic programs or extra-curricular activities. This school is not intended to be an alternative to court orders, administrative agencies, or public school district-initiated desegregation.

Safety Procedures

Evacuation drills, severe weather drills, and lock downs are practiced periodically throughout the school year. All outside doors are locked during the school day.

School Procedures


It is the responsibility of the parent to assure the regular daily school attendance of their child. Students should be dropped off by 8:00 am. Morning worships starts at 8:15 am. Students that are not in the worship service at 8:15 are considered tardy. All absences, tardiness, or early dismissals need to be called in to the school office by 8:15 am. According to Ohio Dept. of Education, a student is defined as "habitual truant" if he/she is:

"Excessive absences" include: If any of the above takes place, the Hamilton truant officer will be contacted. Continued Issues will result in notifying juvenile court and/or expulsion.

Children should only remain at home if they have a doctor's excuse or the following symptoms:

Medication of any form needs to be given to one of the directors along with doctor's note with directions for use. Students may NOT keep medication in their book bags, pockets, etc. Medicines must be kept in the office.

Make-Up Work:

Scheduling of make-up work, along with tests, is at the discretion of the teacher. Failure to make up missed work will result in a zero.


BCE Christian Academy only gives homework that is needed for a student's growth. We know how important family time is. That is why we ask that if homework is sent home, that families support the child's success by ensuring that the projects and homework are completed by the assigned date. Please notify your child's teacher of any extenuating circumstances that may arise that prevent your child from completing a specific assignment.

Teacher Communication

Communication between our families and our staff is vital for students' success; however, please only call or text teachers between the hours of 7am-9pm. This is the most direct way to contact us, but we value our family time as well.

Inclement Weather Conditions

Parents will be notified via phone calls, text messages, e-mails and on our Facebook page if school needs to close due to weather conditions.

School Hours

Students need to arrive at 8:00am. Morning worship will begin at 8:15am. Dismissal is 3:00pm. Please make arrangements to have your child picked up and dropped off on time. All students leaving early must be signed out.

Dress Code

All students are required to wear the following: Girls: White polo, at least one long-sleeved, button up oxford with our emblem embroidered on it, Navy jumper (grades K-3), navy skirt (grades 4-8), navy cross tie, navy or white knee socks, navy leggings can be worn under skirts in colder weather, and black or navy shoes. Boys: White polo, at least one long-sleeved, button up oxford with our emblem embroidered on it, navy pants, belt, navy tie, navy or black socks, black or navy shoes. Any outer garments, sweatshirts, half-zips, etc., must be navy and have our emblem on it Gym Clothes: School T-shirt, navy shorts or athletic pants, tennis shoes.

Uniforms can be ordered through: Shaheen's Uniforms
2656 E. Sharon Rd.
Cincinnati, Ohio. 45241

Enrollment Requirements

Mandated reporting of Child Abuse or Suspected Abuse

In accordance with state law, school staff is obligated under penalty of fine and jail term to report the reasonable suspicion of physical abuse, sexual abuse, or child neglect. The school may or may not contact parents in advance of making a report to authorities. The clear intent of the law, based on the seriousness of the crimes listed above, is to mandate that a report of "reasonable suspicion" of abuse be made. School staff will make such reports in the best interest of the child and do not, once reasonable suspicion is established, have any legal alternative except to make the report to the proper authorities for their investigation and review.

Student Conduct

Students will be expected to:

BCE Christian Academy has a zero tolerance policy for tobacco, vape, alcohol, illegal substance, or any weapon on school property.

Care of School Property


Any student caught cheating or plagiarizing will have one or more to the following consequences, depending upon the severity of the offense:


Students' lunch periods are staggered. Kindergarten is 11:30-12:00, Elementary is 12:00-12:30, and Jr High is 12:30-1:00. Students need to bring a packed lunch daily. Microwaves are available. Occasionally, we will offer a pizza day or wing day; however, parents will be notified of these special days in advance.

Tuition and Fees

BCE Christian Academy is a private Christian School financially operating on funds provided by tuition, fees, donations, and fundraising. Due to this, it is important that tuition be paid on time.


$4000.00 yearly tuition. Payments of $400.00 for 10 months due by the 15 th of each month starting in August through May. Payments are non-refundable. If able please make payments through electronic fund transfer if feasible, this is located on our Facebook page. A $35.00 fee will be charged for all bank drafts returned as non- sufficient funds. A late fee charge of $50.00 will be applied if payment is not received on time. Please let the directors aware of any difficulties that may arise so that arrangements can be made to assist.

Registration/Book Fees

Fees are $350.00 per child in grades K-8. These book fees are due by June 15th.

Multi-Child Discounts

Two children from the same family, the second child receives a 25% reduction on tuition ($3,000); three or more children from the same family, the third and subsequent children receive a 50% reduction on tuition ($2,000).

Tithe Paying Grove Landing Church Members

Receive a 10% discount per family ($40.00) per month to be extinguished on the last month of the school year.

Family Volunteer Program

In addition to payment plan, you are responsible for participating in the Family Volunteer Program. By participating in this program, you and your family agree to volunteer a minimum of 30 hours throughout the school year. If your family chooses not to participate in this program, you can select the $300.00 contribution option. This could include, but not limited to:

Volunteering helps keep our tuition low and to keep as many opportunities available to our students as possible.

The BCE Christian Academy students will be participating in arts, music, aerobics classes incorporated in creative arts.

BCE Christian Academy will sponsor athletic teams. The number of sport teams offered is dependent upon the number of students interested in playing the sport. The list following are the sports being offered. (Limited in number of student participation)

BCE Christian Academy will also offer: (additional cost)

BCE Christian Academy will have transportation at Pick-Up & Drop Off Points. We are allowing a designated Van Stop. Only 15 seats available until we get our bus. This comes on a first come first serve basis.

Pick Up and Drop Offs as listed below:

(BCECA follows a 3 strike your out policy if habitual tardiness reoccurs for Drop Offs and a $15.00 late fee will be applied)

Before & After School Program run through the school year (August-May) and follow BCE Christian Academy breaks and holidays.

Pricing For AM or PM

Times 7:00am-8:00am:

Times 3:00pm-5:30pm:

Pricing For Both AM & PM

Late Pick-Up fee $15.00 per 15 minutes.